PilotWatch v. 1.3

"Don't waste your datebook to be woken up or to get a simple alarm"

"Move clock hands with the stylus to set the time"



  • Analog and digital time display
  • Dual or system time
  • Supports all system time (24H, AM/PM) and date formats
  • Graffiti-free user interface
  • "Natural" time setting by moving clock hands with the stylus
  • Two independent fully programmable alarms
  • Digital alarm time buttons for precise time setting
  • Daily alarms with a "weekend-saver": you can exclude weekend days from a daily alarm
  • 10 min selectable snooze function
  • Selectable automatic light-on if an alarm is triggered

New in the version 1.3:

  • Variable alarm sound parameters
  • Can use system alarm sound, if selected
  • Flash backlight during an alarm, if selected
Pilot Watch Screen


Runs on 3Com PlamIII, PalmPilot Professional, Personal, IBM Workpad.

Not tested on newer models, but should work.

Sorry no support for Pilot 1000 and 5000 (PalmOS 1.0) because of the lack of required floating point functions.

Version History

  1. Version 1.0: selected beta testing and bug fixing
  2. Version 1.1: release version
  3. Version 1.2: The AM/PM bug with digit buttons is fixed. The dual time mode works better. The "Weekend-saver" buttons are only shown if an alarm is a daily one.
  4. Version 1.2.1: not released internal version
    - daily alarms cannot be activated now if no weekday is selected;
    - fixed: an alarm caused "Fatal Exception" if an appointment reminder was on the screen. To fix this PilotWatch also displays a reminder box if it is not active;
    - add an AM/PM indicator to the analog display;
  5. Version 1.3: update release
    - preferences added. They allow to setup alarm sound parameters, flash the backlight during an alarm, use the system alarm sound;



PilotWatch is shareware. Registration fee: 9 US$.

 All registration fees received by the author will be donated to the National Cancer Institute (NCI Gift Fund) and
dedicated to support international affairs in research on cancer.
The first payment due is July 2, 1998.

Registered users get email support, free bug-fixes, minor version upgrades and one free upgrade to the next major version.

Download PilotWatch ZIP file

Download PilotWatch PRC file

If you have serious problems with PilotWatch, please let me know via email:

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